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Outdoor Deck Ideas: Ideas To Make the Perfect Deck

Your deck is essentially your homely outdoor oasis, and you want it to create a personalized vibe. After all, that’s why you chose a deck over a patio. If you’re looking for outdoor deck ideas to push your project from a sketch to an actual outdoor living space, you’re on the right page.

While adding a deck to your home takes up valuable space, it also adds to the outdoor living space that you can use for a variety of purposes, with amenities such as seating areas around a fire pit, outdoor couches, and furniture, a kitchen complete with a grill, etc. Fortunately, having such amenities on your deck doesn’t necessarily require acres of outdoor space.

Here are a few outdoor deck ideas to make the most out of your space.

Scale the Furniture Appropriately

If you have a small deck space, oversized furniture, including chairs and tables, can slow the flow of foot traffic. On the other hand, not having enough furniture in a large outdoor area can leave it feeling disconnected. At a minimum, you want to include a table for multiple purposes, some form of shade, and enough seating options for your family and guests.

Create a Canopy

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Installing a traditional awning provides welcome protection from the blazing summer sun, not to mention your neighbor’s second-floor windows. Awnings are available in a wide variety of options, including the retractable kind that you can unroll whenever you want to. Be sure to choose a fabric that works with your home and landscaping décor for both style and function.

Add some Color

Beautiful outdoor spaces are generally used a lot more than drab concrete islands. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a fortune to pull your deck together. Depending on what decking material you use, and the type of deck you want (a pool deck, wraparound, etc.), try incorporating a color palette that matches the overall décor.

Try incorporating accessories like outdoor pillows, rugs, and even plants and flowers. You can even go bold and commission a bright paint job for wooden decks.

Make the most out of the available features

One of the key considerations when planning an outdoor deck is placing it in a location that offers a great view. For instance, if your home is perched on a hill and overlooking a lake or river, your deck should ideally make excellent use of the surroundings. It should also be simple, comfortable, and focused on taking in the scenic view. You may also consider using glass partitions that don’t obstruct the view.

Add a Fire Pit

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Your deck experience should not be limited to the summer months. Consider adding a fire pit to extend the use of your deck, such as during nighttime or cold months when temperatures drop significantly. This should help add some coziness to the space and create a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying some time alone or with your guests. The fire also adds some moody lighting for when you don’t want bright lights at night.

Build the Deck around Obstacles

When deciding to add a deck to your house, there might be obstacles to work around, like trees. Why not incorporate them into your design instead of chopping them down? If it’s a tree, you could leave a small opening to allow the tree to continue growing through your deck. You could even center the design around it to make it a focal point. While it might require a bit more planning, it’s worth the extra effort, especially if you are looking for something unique.

Consider Built-in Planters

Incorporating large planters close to the perimeter of your deck could create some structure and even enhance privacy, based on what you plant in them. Choose plants that have evergreen foliage in the climate of your area if privacy is paramount for you.

Consider using the planters to grow your vegetable garden, especially if your deck is conveniently located close to your kitchen. Alternatively, plant some nice-smelling flowers that you can enjoy while spending time on the deck.

Incorporate Lighting

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Lighting does not only set the mood when it’s your turn to host a soiree, but also allows your family members to relax on the deck after dark. If you often like spending time outside when the sun goes down, consider adding ambient lighting to your patio. You can get a little creative here, from string lights to tiki torches; the options are virtually endless. Just make sure key areas and pathways are illuminated appropriately for safety.

Detached Deck

It’s quite common for decks to be connected to the main house. But they don’t always have to. A detached deck can create a focal point in your yard. It can also offer great flexibility in terms of where they can be placed and how they can be used. Such a deck could be designed to surround a lush garden or other features in your yard. Plus, a detached deck is ideal if your home is made from an unsuitable material or lacks the proper structure to attach a deck.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Deck

To get a true indoor-outdoor living vibe, consider creating a deck where the floor surface remains at the same level while walking through the door. This will make the area feel like one large living space instead of having the indoor feeling separate from the deck. If possible, use doors that you can open up wide, such that there is an unencumbered flow between the indoors and outdoors.

Bring your Deck to Life

Living greenery will provide lushness and warmth that will draw attention to the yard. If you feel that you don’t have enough room, you can use small containers to take advantage of the available vertical space. From low-maintenance succulents to colorful annuals that change with the seasons, there are options for every kind of homeowner. You can even choose species that repel bugs and mosquitoes.

If you’re in the process of designing a new deck or believe that your outdoor living space could use a makeover, start with these tips to refresh your space.

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